How To Make Any Application Portable

To make any application portable we need to use an application named “VMware ThinApp”. VMware ThinApp is an application which can virtualize any application so they can be used without being installed.


Required things

1. VMware ThinApp (will be shown below).

2. The installation package of the application you need to make portable .


Follow the steps to install VMware ThinApp

1. Download the files (VMware ThinApp setup and keygen) from the links given below

2. Install the VMware ThinApp

3. Open keygen and generate any key and give a desired name and complete the installation process Now you have installed the application VMware ThinApp.


Next , we need to open the application and follow the steps given below

1. To open the application, go to the installed directory and open Setup Capture and give it administrative privileges. By default the directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware ThinApp

2. Click “next” and then close all the running processes before clicking “prescan”. This is mandatory.

3. Wait for the prescan to complete. Then install the application you need to make portable. Install it and completely configure it.

4. Now click “postscan”

5. Select the .exe file which matches the app that you installed just now. You should select only one .exe file and not many. Select which you feel is correct.

6. Now keep clicking “next” till you reach “Package Settings”.

7. Select “Use separate .DAT file” in “Package Settings”.

8. Then click “build”. It will take time, just be patient.

9. Click “finish” and you will redirected to the folder containing the application. Now you can uninstall the application you just now made portable and use it without installing by running this .exe file

10. Enjoy😀

Links are available below 👇

Download VMware ThinApp Setup

Download Keygen



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