How to get premuim webhosting for FREE!!

Today I’m going go show you how to get a Premium web-hosting account of Hostinger for FREE.

First, make sure have all the necessary requirements


  1. A primary email(or Facebook) account.
  2. Three secondary Gmail accounts.

When you have all the above requirements, follow the below steps:

  1. Create your primary account
    Create your primary account in hostinger for which you need the premium hosting account.
  2. Get your referral link
    For this, go to referrals ⇒information(from Cpanel) and get your referral link.
  3. Create your referred clients account
    Now you need to create 3 fake accounts with your referral link. Use Gmail for easy access. Order “Free” hosting for them and install WordPress using autoinstaller.
  4. Put content
    Hostinger wants referred clients to have content in their website. We will automate this process by Zapier. For this, you’ll need to create an account with Zapier. Then just make a Zap! It’s quite easy. See screenshot.Edit Step   Zapier
  5. Wait
    Now wait till hostinger approves them as “active”. It usually takes a month.
  6. Request
    After you complete your goal, you need to request for your goal. For that, go to Referral⇒Goal(from Cpanel) and select “Request” for “Get our premium unlimited hosting for free!”
  7. Enjoy premium unlimited hosting for FREE 🙂


  1. When your one year is about to finish, you can repeat these steps.
  2. You wont get a free domain when you register with redeem this goal. If you need the “free” domain, you can buy 3 months hosting and then extend it with your referrals.




If you have any doubts, you can comment below
Cheers to Onhax 🙂


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