How To Use TrinTrin Service

Trintrin is the first cycle service in India. It is currently available in Mysore, Karnataka only. This is an effective step towards a greener environment. This is done in order to drastically decrease the use of automobiles for short distant travel. Better bikes with gear facilities for long distant travel is also available. The cycle station is installed throughout the city. User can take a cycle from one station and park it in another station near to their destination. The price range is also very cheap. 
In this post, you’ll get to know how to use this service. Follow these steps.

  1. Register for their service

    Registration can be done through their website or by downloading their application. You need to give some information including your first name, last name, e-mail id, phone number. You must create a password that includes an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number and a special character.

  2. Pay the initial fees

    Its time to pay the initial fees of 360 {250 security deposi(refundable)+ 50 processing fees+ 50 usage fees+ 10 service fees}. To pay, slide from left to right to open the menu bar. Select “Select Plan” and select “Member Plan” and submit. You can pay using debit card, credit card, net banking, cash card, mobile payment, wallet, UPI. Select the method you prefer and complete the procedures. 

  3. Procurement of card

    This stage is to validate your details and get the card. You must go to registration office near some specific cycle stations and provide your address proof. You’ll get the card printed. This card can be used to get the cycles from their stations.

  4. Get your ride!

    Go to the station you want and select the cycle you want. Put your card on top of the panel near the cycle. Wait for it to complete the transaction. When all the lights are lit, you are ready to take your ride. Go cycle around the city. 


You’ll find better cycles on top of Chamundi hills station. 


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