How To Make Portrait Mode For Any Android Device?

Portrait mode is the new hype of people photography. New phones are getting it ASAP. Since it is a software feature, some advanced users can flash latest camera app that supports portrait mode. For a normal user with normal phone, they have to wait forever. We have broken the barriers to share an application that’s old but is specialised in this field. Using this application, you can create amazing portrait shots with any device and change it into something extraordinary. It’s neither easy nor hard. Just follow the below step and create mind blowing portrait shots with your basic handset.


  • The normal photo you want to edit
  • Afterfocus application installed (link given below)
  • Some people to show off 😉

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the photo in Afterfocus application
  2. Now it’s time to choose which area to focus and which are to defocus. To choose so select the first icon from the menu (left side). Then draw along the areas you want to focus.
  3. Now it’s time to select the areas you want out of focused. For this, select the third tool from the menu (left side). Give your focused area outline. Then just scribble other areas (which needs to be out of focused).
  4. Click Next and BOOM!!
  5. Mess with the swiping options until you get the perfect one.

For Bokeh:
Go to ‘aperture’ and choose the shape of the bokeh you want. Yess!! You can select the shape too. And then go to the bokeh option and select the intensity.


  • Make the blur option to the highest and check for problems in your selection. If you find some, just go back and correct it.
  • Select a filter for background only from ‘filter’ option to make it look osm
  • There are different types of ‘blur’ options( lens blur, motion blur, zoom blur), check them out for more creativity.



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