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How To Download Files Faster Even From Bad Servers 

We all use internet to download a lot of files in a daily basis. There are some files that have very bad servers and downloading them can be a hideous task. Download managers could speed up downloads upto an extent only. In this tutorial, I am going to demonstrate an easy way to take over the situation.

  • Install Puffin
    Puffin is a web browser with very nice features. It supports flash and fast browsing. We need this browser to continue with the tutorial. You can get Puffin from here.
  •  Transfer to Drive
    Puffin supports downloading to Google Drive. We are going to use this feature. We need to go to download page of the file. When we click download, we will be shown with a dialogue with options ‘This device‘ ‘Google Drive‘ and ‘cancel‘. Choose ‘Google Drive‘. 
  •  Configure Google
    Connect your Google account to Puffin. It will then start transferring the file to Google Drive.
  • Download from Google Drive
    go here and open ‘Puffin’ folder and you’ll see your file there. Download your file from here. Since it is from Google servers, it will download faster.



How To Prevent Blue Light In All Devices

Blue light is a harmful light that gets emitted by modern day devices. Almost anything with a display and touch screen interface uses blue light. 

Solutions for Android device:

Nowadays, devices comes shipped with “night mode” (or similar) option which acts as a blue light filter. 
If your device doesn’t support that feature, you can install third party applications. Playstore offers a large range of apps. The best one so far is “Twilight” by “Urbandroid Team” (having more than 5 million downloads and a 4.6 rating). It offers a lot of features. It is a must for phones these days. Another good blue light filter app is “Blue Light Filter – Night Mode” from “Leap Fitness Group” having more than a million downloads and a 4.7 rating). 

Solutions for Windows PC:

Windows doesn’t have tons of apps but sure has some handy ones. f.lux is so far the most popular and trendy blue light filter for windows pc. This one supports Mac too. A secondary options is the SunsetScreen for Windows only.

Solutions for ios devices:

 Ios 9.3 and above devices have a Night Shift feature which is literally the same blue light filter. This can be enabled from the control center using its icon. The Night Shift settings can be found in Settings>Display & Brightness>Night Shift. In case your ios device doesn’t support Night Shift, there is a third party app  called f.lux .



Blue Light Filter – Night Mode



How to host a website for FREE

The first step to build a website is to own a domain name. I hope everyone knows what a domain is. If you don’t know what a domain is, then here is the definition according to google

a distinct subset of the Internet with addresses sharing a common suffix or under the control of a particular organization or individual.

To own a .com, .net, .co, etc. domains, you need to pay. But don’t worry. I have the right solution for you. You can get subdomains for free. A subdomain is a subdivision of a domain. To acquire a free subdomain, go here and register for FREE.

Now that you have registered a domain, the next step is to host a website. The meaning of website hosting is a follows

Web Hosting is the service providing space on the Internet for websites. When you make a website and want other people to see it, you will need to publish (or upload) it with a web hosting service.

Unlike domains, there are free and paid webhosting(excluding subdomains). I will suggest to you the most trusted free webhosting service.000webhost is the right option for free webhosting. It gives you 1500 MB of Disk Space, 100 GB Bandwidth,  cPanel Powered Hosting (you will love it), over 500 website templates ready to download,  easy to use website builder, free POP3 Email Box with Webmail access, FTP and Web based File Manager, PHP, MySQL, Perl, CGI, Ruby,  and many more….

  1. After visiting this link, click “Sign Up”
  2. Next choose “I want to host my own domain (domain must be registered already)”
  3. Now, we need to fill out the information with name, our email id and a new password for the account.
  4. Click “I agree to Terms Of Service” and “I’m not a robot” boxes. The captcha is to prevent spamming of accounts with bots.
  5. Create your account by clicking “Create My Account”
  6. Now you will receive a confirmation link to email address. It may take sometime(up to 2 minutes, it depends)

Now that you have created your account, you need to select the theme and you are ready to go.

  1. Select “Zyro Website Builder”
  2. Then select the theme you prefer. There are a lot of categories from which you can choose from.
  3. Click “Publish” and your are good to go.

You can type your website’s link in a new tab and check that your website is working.

Now you will be amazed to know that building a website is very simple.
You can share this knowledge you gained with your friend so that they can also build a website. You can even form a team to build a website as writing blogs alone can be hideous.
Thanks for the support without which we can’t prosper. Subscribe for our email list to get the latest updates from our team.

We will be posting an article to guide you host a WordPress website(not blog)

Stay tuned!!



How To Install Messenger For PC

After all the waiting, now messenger is available for windows PC. The Facebook messenger is a popular app both in playstore and the app store. It has got billions of downloads from its fans all over the world. Now we can download it for PC also. It is easy to install and does not contain any hard restrictions. You can download and enjoy the new Messenger for PC.


For downloading the application,

1. Go to the link given below

2. Choose for which OS you want to install messenger

Links are available below 👇

Official Website


How To Make Any Application Portable

To make any application portable we need to use an application named “VMware ThinApp”. VMware ThinApp is an application which can virtualize any application so they can be used without being installed.


Required things

1. VMware ThinApp (will be shown below).

2. The installation package of the application you need to make portable .


Follow the steps to install VMware ThinApp

1. Download the files (VMware ThinApp setup and keygen) from the links given below

2. Install the VMware ThinApp

3. Open keygen and generate any key and give a desired name and complete the installation process Now you have installed the application VMware ThinApp.


Next , we need to open the application and follow the steps given below

1. To open the application, go to the installed directory and open Setup Capture and give it administrative privileges. By default the directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware ThinApp

2. Click “next” and then close all the running processes before clicking “prescan”. This is mandatory.

3. Wait for the prescan to complete. Then install the application you need to make portable. Install it and completely configure it.

4. Now click “postscan”

5. Select the .exe file which matches the app that you installed just now. You should select only one .exe file and not many. Select which you feel is correct.

6. Now keep clicking “next” till you reach “Package Settings”.

7. Select “Use separate .DAT file” in “Package Settings”.

8. Then click “build”. It will take time, just be patient.

9. Click “finish” and you will redirected to the folder containing the application. Now you can uninstall the application you just now made portable and use it without installing by running this .exe file

10. Enjoy😀

Links are available below 👇

Download VMware ThinApp Setup

Download Keygen



How To Block Advertisements In Websites For Any Device

Today I am going to show you how to block advertisements for any browser. In this guide we will use this called Adblock Plus. This is a very decent and an elegant application which can block any kind of advertisements. It can block pop-up or banner ads or any kind seen on the internet.
Just follow the below steps
1. Type “Adblock Plus” in google search
2. Click the first one in the seach
3. Now click “Install for”
4. It will ask for permission, so accept it as it would not harm the device
5. Now you can see an extension icon in the top left
6. Click it and enable the extension
7. Now you are good to surf the internet without advertisements
8. Enjoy😀


If you want to block ads for torrent, you can follow this link

How To Block Ads In Torrent


Links are available below 👇

Official Site

How To Patch Any Adobe Application

Adobe Universal Patcher is an easy-to-use program which can patch almost any Adobe application. It supports the latest CC 2015.

Just follow the below steps

1. Open the .exe file and give it administration privileges if asked.

2. Choose which applications to patch.

3. If the application is installed in the default directory, it will automatically detect it. But if it is installed in custom directory, you need to browse it to the directory.

4 Click ‘Patch’.

5. Enjoy 😀

Links are available below 👇

Adobe Universal Patcher